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And welcome (or welcome back) to the original and freshly painted, ‘The EDDY Line!‘…

OK, OK, I over promised to so many of you. You kept asking, “Bill, when are you going to write another EDDY Line,” or “are you still writing The EDDY Line?” Well, I’m finally living up to my word.

And better yet, I’m launching this issue in concert with our inspiring new website with an accent on my business partner, Linda Eddy, who is also my partner in life.  She is exceptionally talented,

and plays an indispensable role in the company. You can read more about her in the TEAM section of our new site.  A few years ago we created a clever campaign while my cousin Stephen Eddy was

working with me. We decided that – “Two Eddy’s are better than one,” and believe me that still holds true today.

Why the new website?…

Good question. No short answer. After some serious  and intense deliberation (30 minutes), Linda and I made a bold and ambitious decision to embrace the complexities, challenges, and opportunities of an emerging

retail environment that is not yet clearly defined. We wondered, “How do we merge new cultures and commerce, and how do we create next generation neighborhoods, shopping centers, and entertainment venues?”

Who are the online retailers that are opening, or planning to open physical stores? There could be some real success stories here, and we’re intrigued with the possibilities. This is one avenue we’ve been exploring.

Innovative online retailers are opening physical stores – Customers need to have a good experience…

We’re following retailers that manage their business online, in physical stores, pop up shops, or kiosks, to augment their online operations. Innovation is at the core of their business, and competition between all retail

disciplines breeds ingenuity and innovation.  It’s not just business as usual anymore. Not if you want to ‘stay in the game.’ Today, retailers must have the ability to get their products to their customers fast, so they can touch it and feel it.

Why are Amazon and a growing list of other online retailers, such as Bonobos, that operate as showrooms, where customers can try on clothes and receive advice from stylists, and any items they purchase in the showroom are

shipped directly to their homes from a centralized warehouse. I’m a big fan of theirs, and wear a few of their shirts. Warby Parker promoted lower prices online for fashionable eye wear, and quickly became a market leader.

Today, Warby Parker operates over 60 stores in 25 states, and 2 in Toronto, Canada. Indochino promotes custom tailored suits, shirts, outerwear, and accessories for men on the internet. They provide an online

step-by-step video guide that walks the customer through every detail, and takes less than 10 minutes to set up the customer’s measurement profile. Their made to order clothing is shipped free to the customer

within four weeks, and are ‘guaranteed to fit right’ the first time.  Today, Indochino operates 17 showrooms in the U.S. and Canada, with plans to open more.

This is exciting stuff, and we’ve just scratched the surface. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality are creating a new and intriguing retail culture. We’re taking a deeper dive into these arenas too.

Mucho Mahalo to the Dorian Media Group…

My friend, Brad Barnes introduced me to Evan Dorian about a year and a half ago. He told me that Evan was skilled in the field of digital media, photography, videography, and

website development. We were impressed with Evan when we met him and liked the way he addressed our questions. Well, it only took a year and a half to retain Evan and his team to develop our new website.

It was a wise decision, so we wish to extend a sincere “Mahalo” to the Dorian Media Group. We collaborated with them to develop a website that truly reflects who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

I am especially delighted with our new Hawaii themed EDDY Line template. We’re very proud of our new website, and hope you enjoy it too, but please don’t say anything to us if you don’t.

My warmest Aloha Evan. Good work!



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